Enjoy the Lattoflex effect, temporarily for € 1.699 and € 1.999


Lattoflex gives temporary discounts!

Discover the attractive combinations of:

  • the mattress Latex Comfort (160/180 x 200 cm) with the slats SL2 (160/180 x 200 cm) for only € 1.699;
  • the mattress Natura Plus (160/180 x 200 cm) with the slats Winx X5 (160/180 x 200 cm) for only € 1.999.


Latex Comfort mattress + SL2 FIX slatted board for € 1.699

Enjoy a superior quality, thanks to this wonderful mattress, available in 3 comfort levels and provided with a firm latex core of 16 cm. The removable mattress cover is stitched through with Firstwool® and is also available in a hypoallergenic version. Add then the well-finished slatted board SL2, and you can enjoy a very ergonomic sleeping comfort.


Natura Plus mattress + Winx® X5 FIX slatted board for € 1.999

The Natura Plus mattress with a thickness of 16 cm consists of no less than 7 different ergonomic zones and is fabricated in 100% natural latex. That is why this luxurious mattress has a very good ventilation and elasticity.

The slatted board Winx X5 is a innovative tour de force and consists of 3 wings with effective points of support, so that you can enjoy an exceptional sleeping comfort in every sleeping position you want.