GELTEX inside

Are you wondering how you could sleep healthily and ergonomically? GELTEX at ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp will know what to do. GELTEX is a strong mattress brand that works in accordance with the latest technologies. This brand originates from the research lab of Recticel.

Sleep Triangle®
A good night’s rest start with three criteria: an active breathability, pressure relief and a firm body support. Those criteria form the Sleep Triangle®. In contrast with many sleep systems which score well for two criteria, a GELTEX mattress takes all three into consideration.
GELTEX describes itself as ‘an innovative combination of an extremely elastic gel and air-permeable foam whose effectiveness is proven’. In plain words: GELTEX mattresses consist of tissue with a micro-cellular structure that enables unique, active breathability, so that the mattress meets the criteria of the Sleep Triangle®. Test results of reputable science institutes can confirm that.

As a result of the fusion of gel, foam and air-filled cells, GELTEX mattresses spread the body pressure perfectly and ergonomically over the sleep surface. And thanks to the extreme elasticity of the soft tissue, your body will be supported firmly without pressure points that disturb your sleep.
The innovative micro-cellular structure of GELTEX enables an optimal breathability, so that perspiration can be drained of very quickly. As a result, you will never sweat or shiver. Another pleasant additional effect is the antibacterial protection, so that you can doze off in a very hygienic sleeping climate.

Custom-made GELTEX
GELTEX mattresses are meant for everyone, regardless of your age, build or weight. Visit ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp and tell us about your sleep needs. Together we will find the perfect mattress for you.
ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp can optimize your sleep by reckoning with the combined action of your mattress, slatted board and pillow. That is why the GELTEX mattresses are geared to the slats of Beka and Lattoflex. This results in a perfect combination for a glorious sleeping comfort.

Advantages in a nutshell
The GELTEX mattresses guarantee:
•    A body support which is at once firm and soft;
•    Perfect pressure relief;
•    Maximal breathability and drainage;
•    An antibacterial and anti-allergic protection;
•    Custom-made service;
•    A quick delivery.
Order your GELTEX mattress at ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp today and increase your quality of sleep immediately.

Our service
At ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp we offer you with pleasure our Satisfaction Guarantee. That is why you may exchange your mattress within 90 days, on condition that you will test your mattress for at least 30 days. Why after a period of 30 days? Because your new GELTEX mattress has to adjust to your body. So at the beginning, your mattress can be a little bit uncomfortable. This does not mean that your mattress is of poor quality, but this indicates that your body receives correct and healthy support. If you would like us to exchange your product, a handling fee of 100 euros per mattress will be due (excluding VAT).
Another very interesting service we gladly offer you, is our quick delivery of your GELTEX mattress. Given that ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp is the pilot store of GELTEX, all the sleeping comfort we offer, comes directly from our manufacturer. So you can have a healthy and recovery sleep very soon.