Jacadi Paris

Jacadi Paris is a very high-quality and luxurious brand for babies and children aged from 0 to 14 years. This stylish French brand started in 1976 and meanwhile, it has conquered the world with 270 stores in 35 countries worldwide.

Sonia Rykiel

Sonia Rykiel (°1930) is a French and sassy fashion designer who entered the public eye because of her knitted clothing. Also, she finds freedom way more important than elegance. Later in her career, she began to design bed linen, wherein you can recognize her bold and original style.


The sleeping comfort of Beka, a great brand that was founded in 1935, is a in expert in innovative and qualitative mattresses and box springs. Thanks to its R&D centre, Beka searches permanently for the latest developments in order to respond to the sleep needs of its customers.

Anne de Solène

With more than forty years of experience and creativity, quality and excellence as basic principles, Anne de Solène offers absolutely the best bed linen and bath linen. The brand manufactures very luxurious bed linen and excellent eiderdown covers.


Lattoflex was in 1957 the main inventor of the slatted board. That meant the start of a success story in which Lattoflex cooperates closely with the medical world to develop superior slats.


GELTEX stands for a very innovative mattress brand which works in accordance with the latest technologies and which pays much attention to your sleeping comfort. In order to procure you an optimal good night's sleep, GELTEX follows the three criteria of the Sleep Triangle®: an active breathability, pressure relief and a firm body support.