About ZNOOOZ Store

ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp is known for his great expertise in sleeping comfort. In addition, we also work with good brands. For instance, ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp is the biggest Lattoflex and Beka sleep centre of Antwerp. The Belgian brands Lattoflex and Beka guarantee homegrown mattresses, box springs and slats of the highest quality.

Beka specializes in innovative mattresses and box springs, Lattoflex specializes in high-tech slats.In order to preserve their quality, those brands pay much attention to ergonomics and technical innovation. Furthermore, they offer a very quick delivery.

Custom-made goods

Next to the great Belgian brands like Lattoflex and Beka, ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp also is the supplier of the French luxury brand Anne de Solène, the cream of the bunch for box springs, bed linen and bath linen. And the brand attracts attention because of its custom-made goods. For instance, if you would like to buy a box spring of 249 cm with a round headboard in mahogany, Anne de Solène will create this bed for you. Anne de Solène specializes in custom-made goods and goes beyond your wildest dreams.


ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp excels in luxurious sleeping comfort, because it is one of the few stores in Antwerp which sell the outstanding GELTEX mattresses. Those innovative mattresses adapt perfectly to your body, spread the body pressure over the sleep surface and provide an active breathability. To conclude, they are antibacterial and anti-allergic. Learn more about this high-tech mattress.

Quick delivery

ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp guarantees a very quick delivery, because all the sleeping comfort we offer, comes directly from our manufacturer. ZNOOOZ STORE Antwerp is the pilot store of GELTEX and Anne de Solène. In addition, the owners of the factory are also the owners of the store.